Who we serve: Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind victims of domestic and sexual violence of all ages, genders, ethnic background, communication needs and religion. It does not matter when the abuse happened-in the past or present.

SLCAD advocates receive intensive training (40+ hours) on working with clients in a culturally sensitive and safe manner.  All advocates are fluent in American Sign Language.

Advocates also provide support and comfort to victims as well as empowering victims to become thrivors.

Advocacy Services Available to you:

Medical: SLCAD advocates will assist victims/survivors needing medical attention for injuries from abuse. Advocates may accompany clients to the doctor’s office, hospitals and other clinics.

Legal: SLCAD advocates will assist with filing police reports. protective orders, dating violence protective orders, stalking injunctions and provide accompaniment to court.

Shelter: SLCAD advocates will help find safe and accessible shelters.

Counseling/Case Management: Free counseling services are available to past or current victims/survivors of abuse. Case managers are available to help victims/survivors secure housing, food stamps, budgeting skills, health insurance and career development.

Support Group/Survivor Sponsorship: victims/survivors can obtain peer support from other victims who share the common experience of abuse through monthly support groups. We also provide Survivor Sponsors for those who do not wish to participate in support group. This program will provide a “big sister/brother” to provide victim/survivor individual attention and support. Click here for more information on fall and spring support groups available.

Information and Referral: We will be happy to connect you to services appropriate for you.

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