Purple Ribbon Award 2018

Sego Lily Center for the Abused Deaf has awarded its first Purple Ribbon award to Sorenson Communications December 13, 2018. The purpose of this award is to recognize and honor contributions of individuals, organizations and corporations for their work to end violence in the community. Brooke Grossinger received the award on behalf of Sorenson Communications. Thank you Sorenson Communications for supporting the cause to end violence in our Deaf Communities locally and globally!

Image description: Caucasian female with short blonde curly hair wearing green v neck sweater with white shirt underneath standing next another caucasian female with medium long straight light brown hair with brown rimmed glasses, wearing a grey sweater holding a wooden plague with purple metal etched with name of the recipient and a ribbon below and sego lily’s logo on the bottom of the metal plate of the award, next to the second family is a tall caucasian male with white hair and brown rimmed glasses wearing a Christmas sweater red background with large yellow gift ribbon and green hollies spread across the sweater. All individuals smiling. (Names in photo: Left to right: Stephanie Mathis, Executive Director of SLCAD, Brooke Grossinger, Community Relations Manager for Sorenson Communications, and Philippe Montalette, SLCAD Board President.)


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