Protective Order

What is a Protective Order?

A Protective Order is a civil court order that can be issued by a judge if he/she finds probable cause to believe that the applicant has been abused or is threatened with abuse from another person. Violation of a Protective Order may be a criminal offense.

Am I eligible for a Protective Order?

If you are in fear because your partner has threatened you with bodily injury, caused you bodily injury, or attempted to do so, you may be granted a Protective Order. There is no requirement that the other person live in the same household, or be married to you.

What does a Protective Order do?

It is a court order directing that the other person refrain from abusing or threatening you. In the order, the court may also require the other person and/or the applicant to obtain counseling or other social services, including domestic violence education.

The value of the protective order is to restrain any offender from attempting, committing or threatening to commit abuse or domestic violence against the victim.



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