Lisa’s Story

October 18, 2011

March 10, 2010 my life turned upside down when I received news My sister Maralee was murdered by her boyfriend, the first thing came into my mind was SLCAD. I immediate emailed Sari email and typed 911 and I believe I did that two or three times, she finally answered and agreed to get on VP that is when I broke the news to her, Sari was very gentle and comforting.

She also emailed to my brother Mike and guide him to DV advocate in WVC she did everything that she was trained to do. From the day one, she has been with me and family, Sari kept me informed about the motion when I could not fly home. She also spoke to my family and I gave us huge amount of support. Sari also gave us an advice. Even when there is no trial Sari continue check on me and made sure I was ok, she was there for me through my emotionally roller coaster ride. Sari and I knew each other when we grew up. She was there for me as good friend and professionally.

Without SLCAD, I would not know what to do and my family probably will not get me an interpreter that will come to last thing on their mind. I would not know what is going on with court but with Sari, I have learned so much and she also learn so much about trial and everything. I was concern about Sari’s well being but she handle professional and with grace, I admire her courage and strength. Sari made sure the interpreter was arrange; she knew what she was doing and received proper training from SLCAD.

When the trial finally came underway, it was so hard, Sari gave me great support, and she made me feel strong even though it was the hardest time of my life when they explained detail of my sister’s death. Then when hearing sentence came, she was very support, looked at me, and said it is almost over.

I have met with Capital Hill here in Washington, DC since the Senator Hatch from Utah has an office here in DC; every time I meet with them or meet any advocates, I always mention SLCAD and Sari for their great support. At any time, I spoke to anyone even stranger about my experience loss of my sister and I always mention SLCAD, they deserve lot of recognition for their GREAT support and help. I forever be in there debt, as I said earlier if it was not for SLCAD and Sari, I would be totally lost and will not know what to do. Again, I will never forget SLCAD and Sari; they are forever in my heart and my life.

If anyone needs help or knowing they are in trouble, PLEASE PLEASE contact SLCAD, they are very professional and will do anything to help, they are very well trained.

My family is very grateful for their huge support and appreciates SLCAD and Sari very much.

Thank You,

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